Friday, October 24, 2014

What's really going on in my life...

This post may be one of the most if not the most personal one i will be writing on my blog since i m a super private person and i really like to keep almost all my life private and protected because i don't feel the need to show off to the entire world what i am doing when i m not posing for outfit photos for my blog.

So, after stating that , i will start saying that my life for the past year and half have been the most intense and full of emotions roller coaster i have ever been in. So many things happening at a speed that i have sometimes had very hard time keeping  up with, but yet i m thankful of everything that has been happening. 
I have grown up immensely and i wouldn't trade that for anything in the world. 
I have acquired priceless life lessons and new goals in my life that go beyond having the latest pair of shoes or bag on trend but more about what really matters in life and what we really should focus on.
I have acquired and lost many friends in the process because we all know that in whatever you do in your life you need to make sure you are surrounded by persons that will support you and not drag you down.
My eyes and my view of the world have been really opening and changed , the world outside is so big and full of diversity. 
It's really true that traveling is the only thing that you buy but that makes you richer. You learn more taking a trip far away than in years and years of education.
Diversity really opened my eyes and showed me things and taught me priceless lessons. 

I like fashion and i'm sure it will always be a part of me , but one thing i have learn in the past months it's that life would be ruled about your own rules and taste and not from what's on trend. 
We are so bombarded by medias that tell us that in order to be happy we need to be a certain way , dress particular cloths that switch trends every two weeks, earn a certain amount of money and that happiness is only in having and desiring everyday more and more. 

I feel that all this doesn't represent me anymore. I have definitely started dressing how i really like and not always trying to follow the latest trends. If i want to dress in just jeans and a white tee i will do it. If i feel like dolling up for no reason i will do it. 

Our time on earth is so limited that we really shouldn't be waiting it trying to meet some   standards that make 99.9% of women feel bad about themselves.

I have decided that i will try to be more consistent on my blog, but from now on quality will be may main focus, that's why i have decided to post only once a week: every FRIDAY  !

In the while you may notice that my blog is under a process of redesign, i felt like that after all those years it was finally time to change some looks of it.

So, are you going to be part of this new journey with me?


Monday, October 20, 2014

Lucky Brand Jeans & Oasap Black Roses Outfit

I'm definitely spoiling you guys!Three outfits in just a week!
 I  just could not resist posting this outfit and this cute earrings from Oasap.
I went very casual or as i call it, comfy but cute. 
I like the contrast red and black provoke and these boyfriend style jeans i just got from Lucky Brand are surely becoming my new favorite item recently.

Vi sto decisamente viziando recentemente!
3 outfit in solo una settimana!
Non ce l'ho fatta a resistere a non postare questo outfit nel quale indosso questi carinissimi orecchini Oasap.
Ho deciso di optare per la comodità oggi , ma allo stesso tempo di non rinunciare ad un po' di stile. 
Mi piace tanto il contrasto che il rosso e il nero provocano e questo nuovo paio di boyfriend jeans del marchio Lucky Brand stanno diventando decisamente uno dei capi che mi piace indossare più frequentemente in questi ultimi giorni. 

Outfit details : 

Black Cardigan   MIHO'S 


Flats  ZARA

Scarf MERONA (target ) 

Earrings OASAP  ( here) ( only 1.90$ ) 

What do you think of this outfit? 

Let me know in the comments!


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Everything Lace Outfit


How are you all doing? 
Today i m showing you this lace dress i got from Oasap. 
I have to state that the reason why all the photos are a little blurry is because my camera decided she did not want to be my friend the moment i was taking the photo, and that justifies my frustration and the absence of smiles in these photos.
I decided to choose on my my favorite color schemes ever: nude and black. 
The dress is a little see trough so i decided to contrast it with dark tights, and to be honest it is so cold at nights that i could really use some extra warmth. 
I admire all my fellow fashion bloggers but between me and cold weather it is a lost battle, cold weather wins all the time. Gotta face the ugly truth.

The dress is a simple long sleeve , very conservative all lace dress. It would go perfectly with everything you would like to pair it with.

Dress OASAP ( Link here

Bag OASAP ( here

Heels ZARA 

What do you think of this outfit? 

Let me know in the comments!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Blue Mini Dress for All Occasions

Let's all welcome my amazing , stunning, friend that was so nice to  pose for me wearing this cute Oasap dress .
I fell in love with this dress as soon as i saw it on their website and i really think it is the best dress for so many occasions. 
It is quite formal and pretty conservative.  
You can dress it up with a blazer and heels  or dress it down with sneakers and a cardigan . 
It's very light wear but the material is very good. 

Oggi  diamo il benvenuto alla mia fantastica e bellissima amica che è stata così gentile da farmi da modella per questo vestito di Oasap che mi è appena arrivato. 
Me ne sono innamorata dal primo momento che l'ho visto e ho subito pensato alle molteplici occasioni in cui indossarlo. 
E' abbastanza formale e conservativo.
Lo si può utilizzare per un look molto formale abbinandolo ad una giacca e un paio di tacchi oppure per un look molto casual insieme a un paio di scarpe da ginnastica e un cardigan. 
E' molto legger ma di ottima qualità.

Outfit details : 

Dress OASAP ( Get it HERE

What do you think of this dress ? 
Do you like it? 

Do you think it looks good on my model ?

Let me know in the comments!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Huge Summer-Fall Haul!

First of all, thank you all for making me reach 200 000 views !!
When i opened my blog i did never think all this was going to happen but here i am and you guys still find my blog enjoyable and keep reading it. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

So, going to the title of my post, i have had a lot of chances to do shopping this summer and even now to get ready for fall and i decided to put all the things to together to show you all.
I decided to get some new shoes considered the amazing sales i found around ,some beauty products that i cannot wait to talk you about and my two biggest conquests have been my hair straightener that does wonders and the super hard to find Sonia Kashiuk 15th anniversary brush collection.

Prima di tutto,grazie per le 200 000 visualizzazioni!!
Quando ho aperto il mio blog non avrei mai pensato di potere arrivare a questo punto ma voi mi avete sempre appoggiato e continuato a leggere e commentare il blog. Grazie di cuore!!

Oggi, come potete assumere dal titolo del post, vi mostro i miei acquisti di questa estate e di quello che ho comprato in preparazione per l'autunno.
Potrete vedere le nuova paia di scarpe che ho deciso di aggiungere alla mi a già molto grande collezione , alcuni prodotti di bellezza e i due acquisti di cui vado più fiera la mia nuova favolosa piastra per lisciare i capelli che fa veramente magie ad una sola passata e il set di pennelli da trucco Sonia kashiuk che sono usciti per celebrare il suo 15 anniversario e che erano quasi impossibili da trovare. 

 I had to give up to the slip ons trend too , they are pretty comfortable even if i learnt the hardest way to not wear them without socks if you don't want very bad and big blisters. 

You can never say no to a nude pair of flats , can't you? 
I love these ones from gap paid 1/4 of their original price thanks to an amazing sale happening there! 

No summer passes without me getting a pair of Zara heels! 
These ones are super comfortable and got them for a step price!  Well done Zara! You hardly disappoint me with your shoes collection! 

This hair straightener has changed my life for how amazing is. I don't ever need to go over the same  piece of hair twice thanks of how strong it is and how the fact that is made of ceramic doesn't burn my hair and leaves me with super soft and perfect straight hair for over 3 days! 

I found this amazing dress at H&M for only 7$ ! The color is a very beautiful burgundy and the texture is really light. 


I love this blue rose necklace, I can't stop using it! It's so versatile and goes with almost everything! 

I got this necklace from OASAP and i can't stop using it since it goes with everything i own! 
Link here ! 

Even if the photo is really bad , this necklace is a very similar one to the one used by Caroline in 2 Broke Girls 


I love this products and soon i will be providing you with a blog post with my reasons . 

Even if my straightener doesn't burn or ruin my hair i like to protect it anyway and this product comes very handy for that duty.

Eos balms are an addiction, you can never have enough! 
I finally decided to start using an eye night creme, i will let you know what i think of this one.

If amazing long hair you want to have this vitamins you gotta take ! 

I got the small bag as a gift on a giveaway on you tube by Lucie Medici and same goes with the two revlon nail polishes. 

My Sonia Kashiuk brushes: my pride and joy . I ADORE them!!

So, what do you think of my super big haul? 
Did you like something in particular?

Let me know in the comments!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Win a Free Sweatshirt with OASAP!!


I know i have been very absent this summer but i had one of the busiest summers of my life and i had a lot of things that required all my time. 
So, to apologize to you all i have decided, thanks to Oasap , to launch a GIVEAWAY!!!
The prize is going to be one of the sweatshirt you see in the following photo.
You can choose which one.

Lo so che sono stata molto assente recentemente ma ho avuto una delle estati più impegnative della mia vita a seguito di tutte le cose che ho dovuto fare e che hanno finito per consumare tutto il mio tempo.
Così, per farmi perdonare ho deciso, grazie all'aiuto di Oasap, di lanciare un GIVEAWAY!!!
Il premio è una delle felpe che vedete nella immagine sottostante .
Sarete voi a scegliere quale!

The rules: 

1. Sign up to the Oasap newsletter >

2. Follow Oasap on one of their social medias: 

3.Like The Chic and Cheap Facebook Page >  HERE 
4.Leave a comment telling which one you want :
a) Blue Cartoon Sweatshirt ( Link Here)
b)Yellow Cartoon Monster Sweatshirt ( Link here
c) Marylin Monroe Sweatshirt ( Link Here )  
d) Weirdo Print Sweatshirt ( Link Here
e) Fairy and Unicorn Sweatshirt ( Link Here)  

Good Luck to everybody!!! 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

( the giveaway will be valid only if 50 people take part to it)

Monday, September 1, 2014

It's a Kimono Season

How are you all doing? 
Today i m showing you may newest OASAP new ins. As you may notice it's not me in the photos but she was so nice to pose for me.
In this new order i was crazily searching for a kimono, my newest obsession, and this amazingly beautiful necklace .
I had seen this necklace everywhere but i was refusing to pay the crazy high prices that everybody was pulling out for it but fortunately Oasap had it for just 17.90$ !
I decided to complete the order with this silver earrings and rings both for 1.90$ !

Outfit Details:

Top & Pants H&M 


Necklace OASAP ( HERE)

Earrings OASAP ( HERE)


Don't forget that you can get an extra 21% off with the coupon:


What do you think of this purchases and outfit?

Let me know in the comments!


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