Monday, September 1, 2014

It's a Kimono Season

How are you all doing? 
Today i m showing you may newest OASAP new ins. As you may notice it's not me in the photos but she was so nice to pose for me.
In this new order i was crazily searching for a kimono, my newest obsession, and this amazingly beautiful necklace .
I had seen this necklace everywhere but i was refusing to pay the crazy high prices that everybody was pulling out for it but fortunately Oasap had it for just 17.90$ !
I decided to complete the order with this silver earrings and rings both for 1.90$ !

Outfit Details:

Top & Pants H&M 


Necklace OASAP ( HERE)

Earrings OASAP ( HERE)


Don't forget that you can get an extra 21% off with the coupon:


What do you think of this purchases and outfit?

Let me know in the comments!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

One Direction Make Up Kit in Up all Night Review + Make Up Video Tutorial


Today i am bringing you this One Direction  make up Pallete from Marktwin review ! 
The kit comes in a metallic tin box that you can reuse in the future to store other things or even to store your make up when you travel . 
I really like it since it allowed me to bring it with me being sure that nothing was going to get broken.

What's inside the kit?
The kit comes with : 
1.  An eyeshadow make up palette that has 5 colors that of from matte to extremely shimmery and glittery.
2. A volumizing black mascara
3. A nailpolish in a teal blue color 
4. A lipstick in a very bright pink color
5.A lipgloss that becomes neon orange with UV lights
6.A blue crayon that can be used both for eye makeup and for body painting 
7.Nail and body art stickers / stencils 

I liked all the products and since i had A LOT to say about any of them i decided to make a video for you when i show you how i use them and what i think of them !


The line will be available worldwide starting in the U.S.    

Macy's - August 11th
Stage Stores – August 25th
Dillards – August 25th
Beauty Brands – August 25th
Lord and Taylor - August 25th

I am really really surprised by the good quality of the products !
The only thing i wasn't liking very much in the kit is the dark blue eyeshadow but i ended up fixing it by using the crayon as a base to it and then it ended up looking AMAZING !!!

I really suggest everybody to get this kit!

In case you didn't like these color you can get the kit in other colors that can suit you even better!

Here is the link to the other Kits! >>>

More Infos Here:

Let me know in the comments what you think about this post, the collection and my review video!


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Monday, August 11, 2014

4 Products that give me amazing skin ! ( Body edition )

After almost two years i am back with the list of my new everyday skin care routine. 
I used to have a very very dry skin but somehow or thank to some products it changed and now i have a normal skin that doesn't break out very often but yet requires me to moisturize  it everyday .
What do i use?

Dopo quasi due anni eccomi qui di nuovo a raccontarvi cosa uso ogni giorno per prendermi cura della mia pelle . 
Avevo una pelle molto secca ma grazie ad alcuni prodotti e per sconosciuto fattore il tutto è cambiato. 
Ogni giorno però non rinuncio mai a idratare a fondo la mia pelle .
Qui listerò i prodotti che io uso . Voi che cosa usate?

Body / Corpo 

1. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch marks
Let's start saying that i suggest this product to non pregnant persons too. I saw my skin changing a lot since i started using it!
The smell is amazing , pure chocolate. Be careful of not putting it on while you are starving or you will end up wanting to bite yourself ;)
I used to use the concentrated cream but since i cannot find it anymore i had to switch at this .
Both the products are amazing  and i have high expectations for Palmer's since everybody raves about them!
The cream doesn't make your skin oily since it absorbs very quickly and doesn't leave any stains on your cloths.
I am always in the process of losing a couple of pounds after i gained them due too much studying and zero time of going to the gym and stretch marks are my biggest and worst enemy. Yes, i do care about them . It's my problem and i don't care about what society says, i just don't like them on me.
the price is below 10$ but i can't remember exactly because it changes often , but it's worth it for how big the bottle is !

Iniziamo dicendo che io consiglio questo prodotto a donne incinta  e non! Idrata e aiuta a prevenire le smagliature. La mia pelle è visibilmente cambiar ad quando ho iniziato a usarlo. 
L'odore è fantastico. Profuma di cioccolato! Fate attenzione a non metterlo mentre siete affamante o rischiate di darvi un morso! ;) 
Di solito usavo la crema concentrata, mi dava risultati migliori , ma non la trovo più in giro recentemente così sono passata alla crema. 
Entrambi i prodotti sono fantastici e famosissimi ! Non sono  per nulla oleosi e si assorbono velocemente non lasciando alcuna traccia sui vestiti. 
Come molte donne, sono in perenne dieta e cercando di perdere un po' di peso che si accumula quando si passano tutte le giornate a studiare e si ha zero tempo per andare in palestra . Si, sono una di quelle persone a cui le smagliature non piacciono e che fa di tutto per evitarle e per curarle/ schiarirle . 
Il prezzo dovrebbe essere sotto i 10$ ma cambia spesso,ma la confezione è veramente grande !

2.Bio oil
I can't never rave enough about how much i love and swear by this product.
It changed my life and i will never stop using it.
It makes wonders ! From scars to stretch marks!
I normally use this to "cure" and lighten the existing stretch marks and the palmer's one to prevent them .
I have been using bio oil for a couple of years by far and wouldn't change it.
I know its full of chemicals but what do you do when something makes wonders for you?
The price ,12.90$ , for  a small bottle may appear a little too much but a little of it goes a very long way! I think it takes me more than half a year to get trough a small bottle using it everyday!
One of my friend used it on a big and super old scar and it totally disappeared!
I even made a total review on it on my blog some months ago where i go on more details.

Non smetterò mai di dire quanto amo questo prodotto. 
Mi ha cambiato la vita e non smetterò mai di usarlo. 
Fa miracoli ! Cura dalle cicatrici alle smagliature!
Normalmente lo uso per "curare" e schiarire le smagliature già esistenti e prevenire la comparsa di quelle future. 
Lo uso da un paio di anni e ciò non cambierà.
Sono pienamente consapevole che è pieno di prodotti chimici ,ma cosa fai quando un prodotto fa miracoli su di te?
Il prezzo, 12.90$, è un po' caro visto che la bottiglietta è piccolissima , ma ne basta veramente pochissimo. A me una bottiglietta dura per moltissimi mesi nonostante lo usi ogni giorno!
Una mia amica lo ha usato per far scomparire una grossa  cicatrice ed è totalmente sparita.
Sul blog trovata una recensione più lunga fatta un paio di mesi fa. 

3. Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer
I do use this cream for my body too and i love it.
It doesn't leave my skin sticky and doesn't stain my cloths. It absorbs super quickly and leaves me with a super moisturized skin that looks and feels super soft!
It's the best and smells very good,not at intense smell at all!

Uso questa crema per il corpo e il viso , l'adoro. 
Non lascia la pelle appiccicosa  e non lascia macchie sui vestiti . Si assorbe velocemente e mi lascia una pelle molto idratata e molto soffice.
E' la migliore e ha un odore molto buono,per niente intenso o forte! 

4.Boots Invisible Dry Oil spf 50
Protection , protection , protection!
I have fair skin and i don't want a  sunburn or skin cancer in the future so i would rather protect my skin from now that cry in the future.
I like this dry oil because it dries in a few seconds. The smell in not bad but i absolutely need to be careful of spraying it because it's very hard to get off from cloths.
 By far my skin has remained as fair as it has always been .
I think i paid it about 15 € or something around it in a pharmacy in Italy.

Protezione, protezione, protezione! 
Ho la pelle molto chiara e non voglio né scottature né possibili cancri alla pelle quindi la protezione è il mezzo migliore per evitare futuri pianti. 
Mi piace questo olio secco perché si asciuga in un paio di secondi . L'odore non  è molto forte ,ma bisogna fare assolutamente attenzione e a dove lo si spruzza visto che è molto difficile toglierglielo dai vestiti .
Se non mi sbaglio, l'ho pagato all'incirca 15€ o giù di lì.

What do you girls use normally? 
What are your favorite products? 
Any advice or suggestion for me ?

Let me know in the comments! 


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Haul : New In ( Summer purchases )


Today i m sharing with you some of my summer purchases . What i did  end up getting:
Oggi vi mostro alcuni acquisti che ho fatto fino ad ora:

1. Sweaters / Maglioni 
Since A/C is killing me i had to find a solution to me not being able to resist to cold weather and Nordstrom rack and Zara decided to come on handy and made me get these sweaters.

Visto che l'aria condizionata a temperature glaciali è diventata la mia peggior nemica! Nordstrom Rack e Zara sono diventate i miei nuovi migliori amici con i loro maglioni scontatissimi.

2.Sandals / Sandali 
I love Steve Madden and i had completely forgot to pack a pair of everyday sandals that could match with everything and above all that could go with casual outfits. I like dressing up but sometimes i just feeling like going for a skirt and a top and sunglasses.

Adoro Steve Madden e mi ero completamente scordata di mettere in valigia un paio di sandali comodi che potessero essere abbinati a tutto. Mi piace vestirmi elegante ma qualche volta una maglietta , pantaloncini e sandali vincono su tutto.

3. Laptop Cover    (Link here )
It was love at first sight and my lap top started having too many bruises due to me being a little bot careful.
I loved immediately this Tiffany & Co shade of green/blue. It's so chic and cheerful at the same time.
It's a 4 pieces in one kit : rubber cover for the top and upper part of your laptop, keyboard rubber cover , screen protector and a sleeve cover/bag

Mi sono innamorata di questa cover dal primo momento che l'ho vista. Il mio portatile non ce la faceva più  a resistere a tutte le botte che riceveva e così alla fine ho ceduto e l'ho comprata.
Il colore è esattamente la stessa tonalità usata dal marchio Tiffany & Co.
Il set è composto da una cover di plastica , una custodia in tessuto , una cover per la tastiera e una protezione per lo schermo.

4. Flip Flops / Infradito
How adorable are the little hearts cut outs that they have ?
They are perfect because if you go to the beach the sand and the water pass trough them and you have perfect clean feet.  You can find them at Target for 9.99$

Ma quanto sono carine queste infradito con i cuori incisi dentro?
Sono perfette per la spiaggia visto che lasciano trapassare la sabbia e l'acqua lasciandoti così con piedi perfettamente puliti. Si trovano da target a 9.99$

5. Sunglasses / Occhiali da sole
I'm the kind of girl that buys cheap sunglasses because she always ends up breaking them .
I was shopping and my old sunglasses fell on the floor and so did the lenses . I had to buy another pair since there was no more hope for my old ones . Thankfully Marshalls has amazing prices and i dared and got my first ever pair of white sunglasses!
They are from Rocawear ( from 45 to 9 $ ).

Sono il tipo di persona che compra occhiali da sole poco costosi perché è così maldestra da romperli sempre.
Era a fare shopping e indossavo il mio vecchio paio di occhiali quando per un movimento maldestro mi sono caduti e le lenti si sono rotte.
Dovevo comprarne per forza un altro paio visto che non c'erano più speranze per i miei poveri occhiali distrutti.
Fortunatamente Marshalls ha prezzi fantastici e ho deciso di osare  e per la prima volta optare per un paio di occhiali con la montatura bianca.
Il marchio è Rocawear ( da 45$ a 9$ ).

6. Miscellaneous (  Beauty) Products / Prodotti vari 

(note : the stretch mark cream is for everybody ,not only for pregnant women ) 

What have you bought recently ? 
Do you have some things you would like to suggest me to buy?

Let me know int he comments!


Monday, August 4, 2014

6 Products that i swear by for my Skin care routine ! (Face Edition )


After almost two years i am back with the list of my new everyday skin care routine. 
I used to have a very very dry skin but somehow or thank to some products it changed and now i have a normal skin that doesn't break out very often but yet requires me to moisturize  it everyday .
What do i use?

1. St Ives Green Tea Blackheads Clearing :
This Scrub is very gentle and i use it everyday like a washer and to remove all the impurities from my skin. The smell is very nice and doesn't cause my face to be all red after i use it. It leaves my skin very smooth and bright.
The scrub is very light and not super deep, in fact the bead that it has for the scrub aren't that harsh and hard on your skin.
I like that is 100% natural and doesn't have all that chemicals that used to dry up my skin like crazy! 
It's a drugstore product and the price is around 4-6 $ . 

2. St Ives Apricot Scrub Fresh Skin 
I adore this product.  I got to know about it trough a blogger friend of mine and on my first trip to the US i got my first tube of it and from that moment on it was love ! 
This scrub leave your skin as soft as a baby skin! It purifies and does wonders to your skin! I try to use it only a couple times a week since the scrub it does it is really deep.
I can definitely see the difference between using it and not using it. 
The smell is amazing and the 100% natural gets me sold immediately . 
I use it mainly for my face but you can use if for the rest of the body too and it will do wonders!
I thought that since being a scrub it would have dried up my skin very much but it never happened.
I really recommend it to everybody! 
The price is between 4-6 $  for the big tube. Here i m showing you a small version of it because i ran out the big one and i decided to only use this small one before buying a big one since i am not using it everyday. 

3. Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer 
I Love this cream. It leaves my skin perfectly moisturized and not with a sticky or oily feeling. 
I have been using this product for over a year and  i have never had a problem with it! 
I love how it gets absorbed by the skin and how light it feels.
I like it so much that i use it for all my body and not only my face. 
Price  4-6 $ for this big of a bottle ( 295 ml )

4. Diadermine Eye Cream 
I have been trying to start taking more care about the area around my eyes for quite  a few month by far and i am still on my way to find the perfect product. 
This cream is one of those attempts. I still can't see a lot of changes or improvements but i'm still hoping. 
Price : 3 €

5.No Ad Sunscreen Lotion 
I have a very fair skin and i get sunburnt pretty quickly so i am always careful of never stepping outside without sunscreen in the summer.
I like this cream a lot because it doesn't leave me with the typical white mask that most of the sunscreens do. 
The smell is brutal , i don't like it at all! Smells like chemicals but the results on my skin have been amazing and i would rather endure with some bad smell for a little than have a red pepper sunburnt face. 
With this product a little goes a long way! I have been having it for a long time and i'm not over it yet!
I always apply it after my Moisturizer and before my make up. Everyday. 
I got it on Amazon because i couldn't find it on my local supermarket 

6. Garnier Acne Roll On 
I don't use it everyday, but every time a new amazing red friend comes to visit me and my chin here it is that this roll on comes on handy! It's an amazing spot treatment! I put it at night and in the morning my face is perfect as it used to be .  I carry it with me everywhere i travel! 
For once i found something that really works on treating spots in a  short time . 
I recommend it to everybody! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

if we wait until we are ready ,we will be waiting for the rest of our lives !

How  have you all been doing? How are your summer holidays going? 
I can't complain about mine, i 'm having the time of my life! How good it feels to be just relaxing for once and to not be overwhelmed by crazy amount of books to be studied! 
Before any of you complaints of me wearing the same shoes twice in a raw i must clarify that since i'm on holiday i couldn't bring a crazy amount of cloths and shoes with me so many times you will end up seeing the same things but with different matching and combinations. 

I adore this belt, it really changes so many of my outfits. I love using it on plain dresses and above all on my newest obsession : skirts! 

Come state? Come stanno andando le vacanze?
Io non mi posso lamentare delle mie ! Mi sto divertendo moltissimo! Per la prima volta da molto tempo mi godo un po' di sano puro relax  senza l'obbligo di dover studiare libri enormi. 
Prima che mi facciate notare che indosso le stesse scarpe degli ultimi post vi ricordo che sono in vacanza e che non mi sono potuta portare dietro l'intero armadio e quindi nei prossimi post vedrete tanti capi ripetersi, ma in diverse combinazioni!

Io adoro questa cintura! Ha la capacità di dare vita a diversi outfit e cambiarli drasticamente. Mi piace usarla con vestiti oppure con la mia nuova ossessione: le gonne! 

Outfit Details:

Top, Skirt, Belt , Necklace H&M 


Shoes  OASAP 

What do you think of this outfit ? 
Let me know in the comments!


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